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Episode 503: Orange You Glad?
Nik to You!
What a wonderful table!

I love our colour tributes for a few reasons: they always inspire us to entertain, but you have to know that the colour orange is a favourite of mine. My prediction is that orange is becoming a trendy colour. You will see it coming out in spring fashion collections, as well as in home decor all over the place.

When you decide to host your own colour-inspired entertainment, remember to select a colour that really speaks to you. In the case of orange, we think you'll agree that it is a bright, vibrant, "up" colour. Remember that it's all in the juicy details, from our colourful Navel base, to ringing it on home with some orange-inspired recipes. When you arrange to get your orange brunch in motion, perhaps your guests will share in the enthusiasm and wear orange clothing, like ours did.

'Orange' you going to want to add more zest to your next entertainment? We certainly hope so.