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Episode 512: Space Boy
Space Rocket
Blast off!

Planning an intergalatic-themed party? Well, keep in mind that every space boy needs his own model rocket. Creating a safe, space rocket doesn't require rocket science, according to Kevin Brauch, science expert extraordinnaire. This simple, fun project involves using items that you can typically find around the house.

*When doing a project like this, it is important to have adult supervision. As well, if you don't have a lot of room inside your home, you may want to consider doing it outside.


  • film canister (the type in which the lid fits inside)
  • black construction paper
  • black tape
  • star stickers
  • metallic pen
  • ½ a seltzer tablet
  • 1 tsp water


Roll a piece of construction paper into a long tube, and secure it with tape.

Remove lid off of the film canister, and fit it inside one end of the rocket tube (*make sure you have the open end of the canister facing out)

Cut a circle out of the construction paper, create a slit into the centre of it, then fold it up to create a cone. Secure with a star sticker, then fit it inside the top of the rocket.

Cut out 3 triangular-shaped fins and attach to the base of the rocket with tape.

Decorate rocket with stickers and draw space themed details with a metallic pen.

Turn rocket over, and add half a seltzer tablet into the film canister.

Add water, place the lid on the canister and stand the rocket up.

Count down from 5, and get ready for take off!

Remember that you're only limited by your imagination, and there are all sorts of variations for this rocket-making project. A fun idea is to have the kids compete with each other for creating the best/fastest/most-interesting rocket.