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Episode 512: Space Boy
Loot Bags and Giveaways
Space heaven!

There's nothing better than the feeling that the party continues after it's over. You can be sure that the kids won't forget their magical journey into outerspace when you give them space-related loot bags and giveaways. Clockwise from the left:

Loot Bag (far left):

When searching for items for a spacey loot bag, anything and everything goes. Go to a place such as a dollar store, and look for all kinds of fun stuff.


  • paper bag with handles
  • various bubble gumball packages
  • glow-in-the-dark spaceships (mini UFO's)
  • scary bulging eyeballs
  • alien keychain
  • glow-in-the-dark stick
  • folding pouch
  • gumballs
  • suckers
  • spacey stickers (stars, etc.)
  • reflective paper
  • spacey sunglasses


Fill the folding pouch with gumballs and suckers, seal it with star stickers and put it in the paper bag. Add all of the remaining items.

Place reflective paper on top and hang a pair of space-style glasses on the side of the bag. Don't forget to write each kid's name on the bag!

Space Boy Gift (second from left):

When it's your kid's turn to be the guest at a space boy party, you'll want to put together a groovy gift. Here's one that looks like it came from another planet:


  • space boy figure
  • decorative ribbon
  • cellophane
  • confetti (stars, etc.)
  • reflective string


Wrap a piece of decorative ribbon at each end of the packaged figure.

Place it into the cellophane, along with some confetti.

Roll it up in the cellophane as if it were a space cracker.

Tie the sides up with reflective string, opening the ends of the string to create a "fanned out" effect.

Chain Paper Curls (second from right):

Here's an instant, inexpensive treatment for the house, or your kid's birthday table:


  • various-coloured strips of metallic paper
  • stapler (you can also use tape, or glue)


Join each strip of paper together to form a circle. Link them together to form a chain.

Space Antennae Gift (far right):

Keeping with the space age theme, the perfect gift can be easy to find; you just have to put your feelers out:


  • plastic pouch
  • red tinsel (or the colour of your choice)
  • encapsulated alien figure
  • two sparkling fiber pipe cleaners
  • metallic disks
  • two pompoms


Fill pouch with tinsel. Add alien figure into pouch.

Run disks along pipe cleaners and stick two pipe cleaners through holes in top of pouch so that they stick out like antennae.

Tie them together in the back and cap each of them off with pompoms.