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Episode 510: Catch the Niks
Nik to You!
The perfect sports party...

When hosting a party for all your sports-enthusiastic friends, keep in mind that most of your guests will be so excited about the game that they won't expect much more than to just sit and watch it together. Think of how happy they'll be when they see how you've jumped through hoops for them. One thing's for sure: you will all certainly have a ball by the time the party is in full swing.

Full points, all accolades, to anyone and everyone who scours the streets for sports-related merchandise. Most of you, especially those with children, will have already got most of the sports stuff lying around the house. Try this at home and we guarantee you'll see how much fun a sports buffet can be. And remember, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you try to make everyday entertaining (oh yes, and play the game…).