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Episode 510: Catch the Niks
Sports Chair
A real "Equipped" chair

Pulling up a chair and watching the game has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to my friends Timothy Hill and Fina MacDonell, whose Sports Chair creationis one of the most imaginative things we've come across in a long time. Using old sports equipment and a discarded chair, here is their masterful method of assembly:

Attach an old tennis racket to the back of the chair by whittling the end down and screwing it into a hole in the seat of the chair. (*Keep in mind that if the holes aren't already in the chair, you will have to drill them yourself). Cut old pool cues in half and whittle the bottom ends down so they fit into holes on either side of the racket. Keep carpenter's glue handy, and reinforce each item in the hole with it.

Next, drill holes in the bottom of a couple of baseballs and then cap the tops of the cues with them. Lacrosse sticks can also be cut down and screwed into the chair beside the pool cues.

For the arms of the chair, whittle down the top ends of the pool cues so that they fit into pieces of wood for the armrests. Lash some leather lacing around the arms and back to hold it steady.

To complete the look, attach foam rubber and a piece of plywood together, cover with ribbon and attach to a racket press. Then, slide it on top of the racket, so that it works as a pillow.

Can you believe that from all the castaway stuff, they came up with this perfect sports chair? Well, now the idea is yours for the making. Are you up to the challenge?