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Episode 408 - Thank Goodness
Corny Candles
Shedding some light on the holiday...
Looking for an innovative way to add sparkle to your Thanksgiving table? Well, we'd like to suggest creating corny candles. These stunning autumnal décor enhancements are really easy to make.

  • tall glass vases (any size or shape will work)
  • assorted grains, such as popping corn, Indian corn, barley, beans, lentils
  • rust coloured candles

Add an assortment of the season's best grains to a vase, about ¼ full (*the grains look wonderful either layered or just on their own). Level it off, and then place a complementary fall-coloured candle into the centre of the vase. Light candle with a match or a lighter, et voilà! - Instant Thanksgiving light!!