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Episode 408 - Thank Goodness
Thanksgiving Table
The perfect setting...
One of the nicest things about Thanksgiving truly has to be the magnificent colours of this glorious season. I thought the best way to start our Thanksgiving table would be to bring some of those wonderful colours indoors.

I began by placing six placemats on the table. A little bit different, they were square-shaped with a nice, vibrant orange centre and a mustard-coloured edge. Nice miter treatment on the side made for an attractive presentation.

Next, I chose a holiday-themed china pattern. Designed in 1913 in England, the pattern is called "Quail", and there are two quails nestling in an autumn field depicted on each plate. Across each plate, I placed an ear of colourful Indian corn.

Sometimes, it can be nice to mix and match and so I chose a little leaf pattern for my side plates. Perfect for corn bread, pumpkin scones, or anything that would be totally of the season, I placed them to the upper right of each guest's dinner plate. Underneath the side plates, I placed tiny plates with the same pattern as the dinner plates. They would look wonderful containing a cranberry sauce.

Cutlery consisted of bone-handled knives along with some vintage flatware. Glassware consisted of two glasses for each guest: a simple water glass, and a twisted-stemmed wineglass. For napkins, I did a simple treatment using brown linen napkins with an orange square patch sewed onto the front, perfect for displaying a few little stalks of wheat, or a fall leaf.

A cake stand was positioned at each end of the table, poised and ready to display the two pumpkin pies, which I'd be serving for dessert. With a couple of potted mums also placed on each end of the table, the look for my table of plenty was almost complete.