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Episode 405 - Mellow Yellow
Tray Bien!
A mellow morning...
I have a very funny feeling that the start to your day is often impacted by the first colour you see. Since Mellow Yellow is all about yellow, I'd like to share with you some ideas on how to create beautiful breakfast trays, for a, you guessed it, mellow yellow morning.

A lot of fun to collect, as well as to work with, I had three different types of trays as examples. The first tray had a nice tin runner embossed with stars running around the perimeter, as well as tin handles. The second tray was a basic, rectangular shape with slit handles on the ends. The third, my favourite, had an adjustable top, so that it could be used in the flat position for serving breakfast, or, after having eaten, it could be propped up, perfect for reading the morning paper.

I would like to share with you the painting technique that made this particular tray look beautiful. Feel free to paint your own tray using any combination of the following tips.

  • breakfast tray
  • 1 can white melamine primer paint
  • 1 can (litre or pint) yellow latex paint
  • some white latex paint
  • bright blue acrylic paint
  • sandpaper
  • 2 fine pointed paintbrushes
  • 1 damp cloth
  • 1 foam paint brush
  • 1 smaller, artists' paint brush

After having sanded the tray, apply a coat of the melamine primer. Once primer is dry, apply yellow paint, using a foam brush (use a size that suits you). Try to paint following the grain of the wood. In order to antique the tray, dab the smaller paintbrush into the white paint. Begin to apply it onto the tray, lightly, trying to achieve a kind of distressed look. Keep going back and forth with your brush. Wipe any heavily painted spots over with a damp cloth in order to blend the two paints and emphasize that distressed look. Continue to treat the entire tray with this process. For a bit of detail, take a fine point paintbrush and some white paint. Begin to paint a daisy, starting with a petal. Use a little bit of paint at first and then add more to each line, going over it. I like to do 5 petals for each flower. Using the other fine pointed brush, dab it into the blue acrylic paint and then dab it into the centre of your daisy. Take your white brush back and lightly apply a dot of white to the blue dot. You can continue to do a vine treatment around the tray, maybe apply more daisies on the sides, the back, or wherever you'd like.

Now, once your tray is dry, you know you can head into the kitchen, prepare breakfast for yourself or for that loved one, climb back into bed and enjoy a colourful, fun breakfast.