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Episode 426 - Gone Fishin'
fish for complements with this recipe...
Well, I've returned after a long day of fishing and I want to share with you a recipe for whole fish. All right, I didn't actually catch the fish myself; my local fishmonger did that for me. But here's a great recipe nonetheless!

  • 2 whole trout (cleaned)
  • cup clarified butter
  • white all-purpose flour
  • salt
  • pepper (can also use cayenne pepper)

Heat butter in pan on cook top. Season flour with herbs, dredge trout in it, then place it into pan. Allow to cook for 7 minutes per side.

*If you're being served an entire fish, you will need to bone it once it's cooked. Using a fork and knife, cut off the head; then the tail, and remove the fin from the top. Cut along the centre of the body from one end to the other, pull back the meat to expose the bones. Place knife at top of fish and slowly pull up bones down the length of the fish. Extract large bone, as well as any small ones you may have missed. To present the fish, pull the meat back together, returning the fish to its original appearance.

Don't forget to make sure that the fish you are purchasing is fresh. It is important to go to an expert fishmonger who will have the best catch available. An indicator of freshness is bulging eyes. If you see that the eyes of the fish are white or opal-toned, the fish is not fresh and you shouldn't purchase it. Another indicator of freshness is a natural, fine slime covering the fish. Finally, there should be no pungent aroma.