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Episode 426 - Gone Fishin'
Eating Oysters
the pearls of the ocean...
Once you've shucked your oysters, the next thing you need to know is how to enjoy eating them. Depending on what your taste is, and what type of oyster you are eating, different sauces serve as perfect accompaniments to the oysters. The best thing to do when you are first trying these sauces out, is to take the suggestions of an expert, like Jonathan Cummings of Rodney's Oyster Bar in Toronto.

To name a few: red wine vinaigrette with chopped shallots, a traditional French recipe, goes well with West Coast oysters. A cocktail sauce, such as "Sea Witch" (Rodney's dad's secret recipe) can contain over forty different ingredients. Getting a little bit hotter, you might find a stewed pepper sauce, Dijon mustard sauce with jalapeno pepper and ginger or something like Rodney's "Back-From-Hell" sauce.

Drop a bit of sauce onto your oyster, squeeze some lemon juice on top, and your oyster is ready to eat. A common question that is asked regarding oysters is: Do you chew them up or simply swallow them whole? Jonathan insists that you must chew your oysters in order to get the full effect of the salty, rich, flavour.

Special Thanks: Jonathan Cummings, Rodney's Oyster House, Toronto, ON (416) 363-8105