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Episode 425 - Garden Party
Nik 2 U
Enjoy the outdoors...
I can guess what's coming up in your garden. Could it be a terracotta table and some light tricks with lanterns? How about a scrumptious veggie centrepiece? It's time to put down your clippers, kick back and enjoy. Part of the charm of throwing garden parties is that they come together pretty easily, and they are meant to be relaxing.

Start your party off by handing your guests a generous portion of vegetable cocktail garnished with a celery stalk. Follow with a bowl of my famous gazpacho soup. Then, part the seeds, so to speak, and present that beautiful vegetable centrepiece. When you host your own garden party, whether it be indoors or outdoors, make sure you follow our suggestions: cook a wonderful meal, and take the outside in. Either way, when you bring your friends together, everything will come together.