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Episode 425 - Garden Party
Veggie Centrepiece
Don't eat it too fast...
When hosting a party, it is always nice to add a centrepiece to your table. When dipping into garden party style entertaining, why not place a vegetable centrepiece into the centre of your table? Michael Godel of All Our Favourite Foods, has a great way of creating this edible item.

Michael goes to both the market and his backyard in order to obtain the produce he needs to make the centrepiece. First, he suggests finding the vessel that you want to use, such as a galvanized pail. You can use anything you like as a foundation, as there are many kinds of baskets, ceramic bowls, glass bowls, etc. that will work.

Line the bottom of the vessel with some vegetables that are not necessarily the most beautiful to look at, but are functional and are part of the whole theme, such as potatoes, onions, and carrots.

Next, add on the pieces that your guests can easily access, and nibble on. Place in some carrots, cleaned, with the tops kept on, arranging them in a bunch. They will give the centrepiece some height, and the vibrant colour will add an inviting look. Large, daikon radishes work nicely as well. Cut a portion of the radish into thin slivers, anchor the stalk into the centrepiece and place the thin slivers around it. Add raw green and yellow beans; green, yellow, red, and orange peppers, sliced up; cherry tomatoes; yellow pear tomatoes. Leaving the tomatoes on the vine really says "fresh".

Michael grows Mexican tomatillos in his garden. Strong, and sour in taste (great for salsa!), Michael recommends peeling them back, and making little flower garnishes out of them. Add some edible flowers such as peppery nasturtiums, which should make for great conversation, as some of your guests may not know that they are edible. Adding interesting vegetables with which your guests may not be familiar is great for adding conversation.

A raw, veggie centrepiece is super, as it is so high in vitamin C, it will give your guests a nice, healthy treat!

Special Thanks: Michael Godel, All Our Favourite Foods, Toronto, ON (416) 467-1297