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Episode 424 - Rhyme Time
Nik 2 U
Any time is rhyme time...
I hope I've spun you a tale of happiness with ideas inspired by the famous fables we knew as kids. From Jack and Jill to toys to play; peas porridge hot, good for any day!

The thing I most enjoy about rhyme time, besides the fantastic oatmeal, is the chance to feel like a kid again. Apparently, when I was a kid, I would spend most of my time on the kitchen floor. My Mom would be cooking, she'd open the cupboards, and there I'd be sitting, figuring out which lid went with which pot.

As an adult, I think I've realized that there were more important matters at hand; things like making everyday entertaining. That's our mandate on Savoir Faire and I'm so happy that you are my partner in entertaining crime.