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Episode 423 - Safari
Animal Mobile
the kids will go wild for this...
Animal crackers in my soup, lions and elephants, loop de loop! Well, we've got a bunch of animals, and we're not making soup. Instead, we're creating a kids' mobile.

  • 4 bamboo sticks (you can also use wooden dowels)
  • pre-cut wooden animal forms
  • thin gage wire (or baling wire)
  • nylon thread (or fishing wire, or metal wire)
  • raffia
  • eye hook
  • nail

Cut two pieces of bamboo to the same size. Criss-cross the two pieces, attaching them to each other with wire. Loop raffia around the wire to add a nice detail. Drive an eye hook through the centre. Create a hole in the top of each animal by driving in a nail and then removing it. Place an eye hook in the hole, and twist into animal. Tie a piece of thread to eye hook, and then assemble animals onto mobile. Cut two additional pieces of bamboo of a smaller size (for side arms). Attach to each side of mobile. Attach animals to those sticks as well. When you start to move the animals either nearer or farther from the centre point of each bar, you are able to achieve a balance for your mobile.

Keep in mind that you can either purchase pre-cut animals, or, if you're handy with a circular saw, you can saw the wood into animal shapes, and then paint them yourself.

An enchanting project that kids will love. Get those ideas spinning, and create a beautiful animal mobile.