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Episode 423 - Safari
Tiger Stripe Popsicles
Colourful treats...
Are you and the kids looking for a bit of relief from the jungle heat? Why not make Tiger Stripe Popsicles?

  • 2 trays of Popsicle forms
  • orange juice
  • Popsicle stick
  • black food colouring
  • licorice flavouring
  • orange food colouring

Colour orange juice with food colouring. Add licorice flavouring to it. Fill Popsicle form about full with juice. Transfer to freezer, and allow to freeze. Withdraw from freezer, and add orange juice mixed with orange food colouring. Transfer to freezer, allow to freeze, and keep going back and forth until you achieve the Tiger Stripe effect. Add a Popsicle stick for the last layer.

When you return from the jungle, you will have beautiful Tiger Stripe Popsicles. Don't forget to roar when you taste them!