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Episode 421 - Aloha!
Hawaiian Table
Welcome to Hawaii...
Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii with Savoir Faire. When you do this theme at your home, you are going to have the best time. Your friends are going to love this trip to a tropical paradise and you are going to feel like the best host this side of the Hawaiian Islands.

If possible, you may wish to spring for some inexpensive clear glass plates. Black, blue or pale pink would work quite nicely as well, if you already have them. At each place-setting, place a large, exotic leaf down on the table and then lay each plate on top of the leaf. Place an exotic orchid bud on top of each plate. Just like that, you will have created a wonderful, tropical feeling.

Place tangerine-coloured linen napkins using the bird of paradise napkin fold found in this episode listing in the archive on top of each guest's plate. Choose a thematic flatware service, such as a bone-textured or coloured cutlery.

Dress up each guest's chair by placing a lei across its back. A bit of a crowning glory, because your guests are so special to you.

As you place your pineapples, coconuts and macadamia nuts around the table don't forget to light up many coloured lanterns or candles. Candlelight is very flattering, especially to the smiling faces of your guests.