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Episode 421 - Aloha!
Hawaiian Setup
Can't you feel the warm breeze...
The Hawaiian surf is up and has brought us to luau central. This unique and unusual event has its origins in the bright colours of the Hawaiian shirt. When your friends arrive, hand one out to each of them. They can be found for next to nothing at second hand or vintage clothing stores. As your guests will put them on suddenly they'll start feeling like they just want to hula.

Do you know the universal symbol for "Welcome!" in Hawaii? It's the pineapple. Place various sized pineapples around your home and don't forget to give one to each of your guests as they leave your home at the end of the night.

Another Hawaiian taste treat you might wish to include is macadamia nuts. Hard, crunchy and tasty, you can serve them in tiny wicker baskets. Speaking about nuts, I am totally nuts about coconuts. Inexpensive and readily available incorporate them into your design, placing them on your table or in other places in your home.

Tiny glass lanterns in various colours, such as green, blue, white, and red, can be found at a dollar store. When lit, they will really enhance the atmosphere.

Keeping Hawaiian props on hand is perfect for added party excitement. Why not pull out your authentic Hawaiian guitar? Or better still, a ukulele! Feel like singing a melody?