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Episode 418 - On Hand
Calligraphy Tools
Get the gear...
When creating calligraphy, my friend Susan Van Tijn, an expert in this field, recommends that you start off by using markers, which can be picked up at almost any stationery shop. When you get a little more serious about this wonderful handcraft you may wish to move into dip pens. And even then it's not necessary to get too expensive as you can begin with a single handle and a variety of nibs.

The tools of the trade are available in many different brands. The nibs, being different sizes, will determine the size of the letters you draw. Every nib, no matter how broad or how fine will have a chiseled edge and will not come to a complete point.

Inks are a very important component to calligraphy. You can use either bottled ink or Japanese stick ink, which you grind down with a little bit of water. Stick ink tends to be more waterproof, and works well on envelopes.

You may wish to also tray water-soluble paints. They are similar to watercolours, but and opaque. With these the sky's the limit; you can create any colour under the rainbow.

If you want to take up calligraphy, Susan's words of wisdom are to start off with a marker first and see if you can actually copy some reasonable shapes. If you've got the hand-eye coordination to do that, then you can start investing in the pens and a new hobby or career will be yours!

Special Thanks: Susan Van Tijn, Calligraphy and Illumination, Toronto, ON; Telephone (416) 299-7176