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Episode 417 - School Rules
Graduation Table
Time to party...
When planning a graduation party, why not set it up as a big buffet? As your guests make their way around the table, they can talk about future plans, whether heading to university or starting a career. It can be a lot of fun to take elements from your school days and incorporate them into this themed meal.

School colours are usually of utmost importance to graduates. My high school colours were blue and gold. Whatever your colours are, try and use them as much as possible when setting up your graduation dinner table.

First, cover the table in the appropriate colours of felt (I chose blue and yellow strips). Use the same colours when selecting your dishware if you can. Stack them together at one end of the table, alternating the colours.

Also, you may wish to choose your napkins along the colour theme. Roll up coloured linen or paper napkins and attach a small piece of paper, which reads, "Class of ----." Secure them with a yellow ribbon treatment. Cutlery can be displayed in coloured buckets, or you can place your cutlery within your napkin treatment and present it as a roll up.

The type of drinks you serve will depend on the age of the graduates. If the kids are graduating from high school, you might want to offer some non-alcoholic punch. Serve it up in colour-appropriate bowls and pitchers. However, if the graduates are coming fresh out of university, I suggest you pull out some bubbly. Champagne flutes are perfect, and you can treat them by adding a tag to the inside, saying "Congratulations Graduate!" Then attach an appropriately coloured ribbon to the tag.

Added decorative enhancements that could work as a table backdrop could be a microscope kit, a chemistry set, an Atlas, trophies, anything you can think of that represents the different elements of school. Why not tiny flasks, filled with food-coloured water in the appropriate school colours? If you've got a friend on the cheerleading team, why not ask to borrow her pompoms? Placing yearbooks around your home is another nice idea. The kids can flip through them and reminisce.

Added accessories such as fresh flowers are always great to incorporate into a party like this. Just remember to stay within the school colours if possible. Finally, a sprinkling of colourful confetti will really set the tone for a celebration.

When everything is set into place, pick up that pompom and make a cheer: "School may be out, but graduation parties are in!"