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Episode 413 - Fun Do
Picture Wreaths
A frame for a frame...
I have been waiting to do this project since "Savoir Faire" was nothing more than a demo tape heading out into television land. The project involves doing a treatment on a frame: a picture wreath. The idea is to cover the frame with moss and different dried flowers to create a wonderful look that can be changed from season to season.

  • 1 simple wooden frame (you can also use Styrofoam)
  • moss
  • scissors
  • dried flowers (such as hydrangea, or roses)
  • ribbon
  • glue-gun

Place your frame on the table. Apply glue onto the back of a clump of dried sheet moss and transfer onto frame. Continue to cover frame with moss, spacing each clump apart from each other. Begin adding the various dried flowers to create small accent clusters on the frame. The trick is to fill the holes that are left by the moss. Continue to add the different flowers that you assembled. You may notice that there is still a bit of wood exposed. This is a great time to introduce a ribbon treatment. Cut ribbon into small strips, wrap it around the frame and attach it together in the back using the glue gun. You can wrap it on a slight angle, if you wish. Tie a bow at the bottom of the frame. Take scissors and just trim around the sides of the moss. This will make sure that everything is nice and neat and that no sight lines are obstructed.

Hang your picture wreath around a smaller framed piece of art and watch it transform the look. Keep in mind that you can refresh and change the wreath with the season!