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Episode 413 - Fun Do
Flower Pot Bread
Mini bread to go...
At a loss for a gift to take to your next dinner party? Here's an innovative idea for a fun project: flower pot bread.

  • medium sized glazed flowerpots
  • flour
  • parchment paper
  • baking oil (you can use butter)
  • bread dough

Apply a baking oil liberally all the way around the inside of each flowerpot. Add a circle of parchment paper, just enough to cover the hole at the bottom of the pot. Next, it's onto your favourite bread recipe. Create tiny ball out of the dough, stick it into your pot, and allow it to rise until it's double the size. Dab a little bit of oil on top and a sprinkling of caraway seeds. Transfer into the oven and bake at 325 until golden brown and a cake tester pulls clean. The final result? A flower pot bread. It's like a dinner roll and a flower arrangement all in one!