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Episode 412 - Movie Night Too!
Nik 2 U
Enjoy this classic...
When you go to your video store to rent or to purchase "Gone With The Wind", you will leave with two videocassettes because the movie is quite long. We're talking about 222 minutes of action-packed excitement!

When my guests arrived, I tried to duplicate the excitement. We started off by watching part one. Then, it was over to the dining room where we enjoyed our Southern-fried chicken dinner. Next, it was onto the living room for dessert, tea, and refreshments. As we indulged in the peach pie, we discussed our favourite parts of the movie. I kept a few napkins on hand because we were getting pretty emotional in our reflections.

Talking about emotions, they often run high when doing parties like this. Movie-themed parties are also wonderful because they are so relaxed and so enjoyable.

When doing your Movie Night tribute to "Gone With The Wind", I hope you follow my advice in taking this classic from the screen right to your living room. Remember, from tablescape and invitations, to peach pie and libations, "tomorrow is another day" of entertaining!