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Episode 412 - Movie Night Too!
Napkin Roll
Elegant southern style...
Imagine that it is the year 1936 and Margaret Mitchell is becoming a household name. Her epic novel, "Gone With The Wind", the story of the last days of the old South is becoming a bestseller. A man in Hollywood, David O. Selznick, decides that he will create a movie to document this beautiful story. Well, many decades later, I have decided to create something just as memorable: a tribute to one of my favourite films. Tickets, please; this is movie night!

"Gone With the Wind" is all about those wonderful little pre-Civil War treatments that Southern ladies often did in their home. Some of the things I thought I'd never use when I purchased them were old handkerchiefs. So fine, and beautiful, I thought they would be great as a foundation for a napkin treatment.

I took a handkerchief, inverted it, and then took a beautiful peach-coloured napkin, laid it on top, and started rolling from a corner. The handkerchief and the napkin became entwined and a beautiful and elegant look for a napkin was created.

I decided to twist them into a curved shape, place them on each dinner plate, and then accent them with a little surprise.