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Episode 411 - I Do!
The grand finale...
Ah, dessert! Such a wonderful way to complete a delicious wedding meal. Our caterer, Lindsey Shaw's dessert was just perfect for our wedding party.

Lindsey created an array of delicate heart-shaped cookies, flavoured in lavender and lemon and matched lavender confetti. Tiny, assorted fresh fruit tarts were also a feature. The plates were garnished with a striking pansy and some oleander, the dessert looked good enough to eat!

Lindsey pointed out that you must keep in mind the wedding cake as you decide on dessert. Leave room on each guest's plate for a slice of the cake. Often, after the bride and groom have enjoyed their cake, it is left in a corner of the room with no one enjoying it. I love serving the wedding cake as a dessert. I think it's a wonderful idea.

Courtesy; Lindsey Shaw, Lindsey Shaw Catering, Toronto, ON; (416) 926-9133