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Episode 410 - I Propose...
Bonbonniere Bulbs
Say thank you in a classy way...
Bonbonierre have long been a perfect way of saying "thank you" to our wedding guests. We've come up with a beautiful and flowery idea for all of you planning your own wedding to try.

Sew together the sides of a piece of organza to create a lovely little sack. Attach a square-shaped piece of complementary fabric to the outside. Then, it's onto a custom stamp (choose an appropriately coloured ink), with the bride and groom's name on it and stamp it onto the middle of the bag. A complementary flower stamp added under the names keeps the whole thing in theme.

Then, it's onto filling the bag with bulbs: narcissuses are perfect for this project. Tie the bag with a complementary ribbon. When it's all done, wrapped, and ready to go, the bags absolutely say "thanks" to your wedding guests, and you will see how much they love their bonbonierre.