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Episode 410 - I Propose...
Table Florals
Be smart with your flowers...
After having walked down the aisle, the next thing to know about is the ceremony flowers. Whether it's in a church, synagogue, indoors or outdoors, the ceremony flowers need to frame the action and bring the eye into the event. Rosemary Little, floral expert and owner of Quince Flowers, suggested that you want to be able to plan to re-use your flowers at the reception. This will help to stretch your budget a little bit; in fact, it can really assist the couples in getting through the financing of the wedding.

So, for example, if you were using garlanding around a chupah, you could then place that same garlanding down the length of the head table at the reception. As well, you could decorate lecterns, the gift or buffet table with church flowers. Rosemary pointed out that you should have an eye for longevity, in the sense that the flowers should have a water source.

Regarding the celebration, there has been a move away from having a single focal point at the centre of the table to more of a building up of different components. For example, if you have rectangular tables, you could place three little posies down the centre of the table in small ceramic pots. You could also use little mosses, clusters of hydrangea or little florettes of some sort scattered around. If your tables are round, you could place the same three pots together in the centre of the table.

At the end of the celebration you will also have three little gifts at each table to give to your guests!

Special Thanks: Rosemary Little, Quince Flowers, 214 King Street East, Toronto, ON; Telephone (416) 594-1414