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Episode 410 - I Propose...
Wedding Florals
Simply gorgeous...
The florals you choose for your wedding are very important and I would like to share some ideas about them for all of you future brides and grooms. I visited Rosemary Little, owner of Quince Flowers who shares some wonderful ideas about everything you need to know about your ceremony and reception flowers.

Rosemary started off by describing some of the things that you can expect when approaching a professional to select wedding flowers. Basically there are three things to keep in mind. First is your personal flowers - the ones the people will be carrying, the bride, bridesmaids, corsages, and boutonnieres; basically, anything one will have on one's person. Secondly are the ceremony flowers - those flowers that will be displayed at the location at which the event is taking place. Thirdly are the celebration flowers - those that decorate the hall in which the dinner or cocktail reception will take place.

As Rosemary worked on a bouquet, she said that these days we are seeing a move away from plastic bouquet holders. More often now, florists will make a bouquet handle out of the stems of the flowers themselves. Shapes are generally rounder, more of a nosegay shape. Rosemary pointed out that often people will choose to have a centre of one sort of flower and then a collar of another sort of flower or green.

The bouquet that Rosemary was creating consisted of a centre of bright pink roses and a collar of hydrangea, a great colour combination. She pointed out that more and more brides are asking for vibrant bouquets as opposed to whites and pastels. A nice, contemporary look, Rosemary added a couple of leaves to the bouquet, ribboned the stems, and left them bare halfway down so that they could be placed in water until the bride is ready to walk with them down the aisle.

Having worked with Rosemary before, I've seen her hand a bouquet of flowers to the bride at 12:00 noon and then at 12:00 midnight, they still look wonderful. The flowers really need to hold up, and so it's very important to keep the stems open so that they can continue drink water all day. Very practical, as well as more natural.

Special Thanks: Rosemary Little, Quince Flowers, 214 King Street East, Toronto, ON; Telephone (416) 594-1414