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Episode 410 - I Propose...
Cake Florals
Sweet tasting flowers...
A second cake which Linda brought out as an example was not quite as ornately decorated as the Wedgwood cake. Using a crimping tool, Linda created a pattern along the edges of the cake while the fondant was still wet. Using an icing cone, she then made some "lazy S's" on top. The next step was to paint over the design with an edible 24 karat gold, which would pick up the accents of gold in the fabric in this particular bride's gown, as well as the bows on the backs of the chairs. Linda pointed out that the gold is typically mixed with alcohol, but if there are any allergies to alcohol at the party, she uses canola oil.

Next, I switched back to the Wedgwood cake in order to allow Linda to show off what I think to be the true beauty of cake artistry: sugar flowers. Identical in appearance to the real things, these sugar flowers really enhance a cake. First, Linda asks the bride and groom what their selection of flowers is, then she goes into the florist to obtain the bud from each type of lily, peony, or whatever the case may be.

Taking the buds back to work with her, Linda sets about creating each intricate flower by hand. The colouring and the dusting of the buds contribute to making them look as authentic as possible. When Linda placed the finished cream-coloured rose next to its original model, it was impossible to tell the difference between the two.

From the lacework to the crimping, to the sugar flowers, Linda has proven that you can order your wedding cake and eat it too!

Special Thanks: Linda Thomas, Cake Artistry by Linda, Alliston, ON; Telephone (416) 466-1755