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Episode 410 - I Propose...
Wedgwood Cake
Looks too good to eat...
One of the first things that you'll probably think about as soon as that ring goes on your finger is your wedding cake! The selection of this fun and symbolic element of your wedding is very important so you should make sure you find the right wedding cake specialist. I consulted with Linda Thomas from Cake Artistry by Linda, and we talked about how to blend all the details of your wedding into a wonderful, memorable wedding cake.

When Linda first meets the future bride and groom, she talks to them about the colour theme of the wedding, the bride's gown, and the selected menu. Then, she goes about trying to incorporate these particulars into a beautiful and delicious cake.

Linda showed me a Wedgwood wedding cake that had evolved from a few details the bride had given her. The bride gave Linda a sample piece of French lace fabric that would be used in her gown, and the wedding would be taking place in what was called "The Wedgwood Room". Linda decided to cover the cake in a Wedgwood blue-coloured fondant. In creating the fondant for the cake, Linda uses no preservatives. Natural ingredients such as water, glucose, gum arabic, and vanilla are mixed up together into a paste. Rolled up, it is set aside overnight and then it is coloured. It then sits for 24 hours during which time you can actually start baking the cake.

Taking her icing cone to the Wedgwood cake, Linda showed us how to create leaves, starting with the centre and making a jagged edge. Then, using a fine brush, she went on to create many tiny, twirly designs which picked up the pattern of the bride's gown. I was impressed by how steady Linda's hands were. She confessed that the secret to her precise style was none other than the old adage: "practice does make perfect!"

Special Thanks: Linda Thomas, Cake Artistry by Linda, Alliston, ON; Telephone (416) 466-1755