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Episode 401 - N-I-K B-B-Q
Outdoor Accessories
Accessories providing the atmosphere...
My family-style barbecue table would not have been complete without a few inexpensive accessories. After all, we were about to experience the steak extraordinnaire!

I couldn't resist bringing out some vintage corn cob trays of mine. Placing them above each place setting, they added to the attractive yet casual look of the table.

As well, small accessory bowls were placed down for the marinade and dips. As an added flavour to the table, I put together a sprig of rosemary, joined with a bit of sage and tarragon. I tied each with a blanched chive and I placed one at each place setting. They served as herb brushes, which could be dipped in the sauce and spread over the steak.

As a nice final touch, I took my favourite herbs from the garden and planted them into a couple of wooden bowls and used them as centerpieces. I used chives and added a few river rocks.

The only thing I had left to do was bring out the cold beverages in pitchers and wait in the casual and relaxed atmosphere for my guests to arrive.