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Episode 401 - N-I-K B-B-Q
Serving Family Style
Come and get it...
While my friend Jack Creed was working hard to prepare his masterpiece steak on his tried and true barbecue, I decided to get going on setting the table. Part of my recipe for B-B-Q success involved outdoor dining, family-style.

There are two ways in which I could have served this meal: buffet, or individual plates. I decided to opt for a family-style buffet and present all of the food on large platters so that my guests could indulge themselves in whatever portions they wished to try.

Vibrant coloured French serving platters by Emile Henry were my earthenware of choice. I placed them on top of the vintage red-checkered cloth with which I covered the table. Plates were a vibrant blue to match the earthenware. If I hadn't opted for buffet-style dining, an alternate plan would have been to serve the steak on a wooden steak board. However, I did place down a wooden pepper mill and a wooden salad bowl, both of which complemented our table nicely.

Glassware involved the use of Jack's wife's beautiful collection of Depression glass. Beautifully-patterned, with unique and unusual shapes, they were perfect containers for our colourful libations.

My choice of flatware helped to create the relaxed atmosphere that is indigenous to a barbecue. Blue-handled cutlery matched the plates; and, of course, the inevitable steak knife for each guest!

As I placed down the simple yellow linen napkins, turning them into a simple fold with a little peak in the center, I could see that my table was taking shape nicely.

Courtesy: William Ashley Limited, 55 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON (416) 964-2900

Table Courtesy: Kiosk Design Inc. 672 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON (416) 539-9665