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Episode 404 - On the House
Grab a seat...
As Steven King, my design consultant friend and I seated ourselves at his client's backyard table; we listened to the birds chirping and enjoyed the urban oasis, which Steven had designed. Having covered the table with a wide umbrella, Steven explained that this accomplishes a sense of having lowered the canopy of the trees to human scale. It is also cleaner for eating under - (those birds are beautiful, but...)!

Furniture selection consisted of wicker chairs and a teak table. One of the advantages to having this type of furniture is that it is easily moveable, so you can always reposition it according to the size of your party.

As well, the furniture was extremely comfortable, and, as Steven pointed out, if the furniture is comfortable, then your guests will be comfortable, and entertaining will be its most enjoyable.

Courtesy: Steven King B.L.A. - Design Consultant; Toronto, ON (416) 967-1862