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Episode 404 - On the House
Nice 'n Cozy
Relaxing in the outdoors...
Want to walk through a backyard made for entertaining? Ready to revamp the whole experience? Well, why not look to an expert: someone like Steven King, design consultant. Joining me in his client's backyard, Steven explained his suggestions for renovations.

Basically, the garden was three tiers, and Steven wanted to make the outdoor space feel like an extension of the indoor space. By making it a continuous level, Steven was able to achieve a larger entertainment space for the client.

When creating an enchanting city garden, it is important to think about how it will function and where the guests will hang out when you are entertaining. The idea is to set up your city garden in vignettes. You should have a series of spaces within the space, with places to relax but also to eat when you're throwing a party.

Special Thanks: Steven King B.L.A. - Design Consultant; Toronto, ON (416) 967-1862