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Episode 426 - Gone Fishin'
Nik 2 U
Have a fishin' good time...
I love doing themed parties because it gives everyone a chance to get together and relax. What more can you ask for than great food, wonderful things to drink, and, most importantly, having our good friends with us to share these special moments.

When planning your own fishing party, don't forget to carry the theme right down to what you and your guests will be wearing. Look for accessories, such as fishing hats with nets on them. If you don't really have a use for them beyond the party, why not give them to a local youth organization? You never know when they will be taking a fishing trip, and they certainly will appreciate your kind gesture.

Whether it's saying shucks to oysters, or delving into a tasty fish recipe, reel in some of these great finds, and your guests will have such a blast, that you won't have to fish for compliments!