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Episode 426 - Gone Fishin'
Twig Frame
frame it with a rustic look...
Is the poor weather preventing you from going fishing? Well, I hope the last time you were outside, you managed to pick up some twigs; perfect for making a twig picture frame.

  • 4 pieces of twig (2 long, 2 a bit shorter)
  • twine
  • matte board
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • burlap

Cut pieces of twig so that two are of a longish size, and two a bit shorter. Using twine, join one of each size twig together, perpendicularly. Repeat with all corners. Cut matte board to the size of the frame, and glue burlap on it. Glue burlap to the frame.

A wonderful and interesting look, I can picture you doing this and succeeding: hook, line, and sinker!