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Episode 426 - Gone Fishin'
Fishin' Table
A table fit for a fisherman...
A fishing trip typically begins at about 5 o'clock in the morning; it's the early bird that always catches the worm, right? Well, you can a little more sleep when planning a Gone Fishin' party if you take my suggestion and set your table a day in advance.

A dinner set for a fishing party could be done very simply, with just a tablecloth, your plates, glassware and silverware. While there is nothing wrong with that, there are also some exciting details that you could add to bait everyone to your table.

One idea is to cover your table with a plaid cloth, reminiscent of the liner of a fishing tackle box. For china, use a colour like sea foam green; a freshly fried trout will look wonderful on it. Soup bowls in the same colour are great for crushed ice for the oysters, or for soup as a first course. Napkins don't have to be a big deal; pick up some inexpensive, linen ones with various patterns. For glassware, plain, simple wineglasses will do the trick. Most important is that place down a proper utensil service for eating fish. As well, service ware such as Majolica, can be a great addition to the table.

Other nice add-ons to the table are tin buckets. Normally filled with soil and worms for bait, these buckets are perfect dispensers for oyster, clam or mussel shells. As well, scallop shells can be used as place cards by simply writing your guests' names in them. They also are the perfect containers for sauces used when enjoying shellfish. Speaking of shells, don't forget to pick some up when you're at the beach, as they can become nice fillers on your table.

I've been able to catch a couple of really neat ideas for the finishing touches to the table. For a great centrepiece, take some long bamboo sticks (one for each guest), a bit of fishing line, and attach a hook and a paper name tag in the shape of a fish to each stick. Place them into a large vessel containing water flowers. Position each fishing rod so that it points in the direction of each place setting so everyone can just look for their hook and then go and sit down.

Final items that will add a nice touch to your table are tiny goldfish. Place them in small glass vases at either end of the table. Rather than give them to your guests at the end of the night, why not donate them to a local school so that the kids can enjoy them?