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Episode 425 - Garden Party
Candle Lanterns
Light it up...
Listen up all you garden enthusiasts! I have a great project that will bring a bit of light into your life: garden-lanterns.

  • vellum paper (any colour, any size)
  • cutting board (or ruler)
  • hole punch
  • pen
  • ribbon
  • linen fabric
  • stick
  • jute cord
  • grass
  • votive candle

Fold over a piece of vellum, and pull it up to the measurements of either a cutting board or a ruler. Measure off where you are going to punch holes. Using a pen, mark off holes, spaced evenly apart. Punch holes through the paper where you've marked them. Curve the vellum together, and join up the holes. Run ribbon (or stick) through the holes to fasten the edges of the vellum together. Create an overlay for your vellum, using a nice piece of fabric. Place overlay over top of the vellum, roll the two papers around, so that the holes line up, take a tiny stick, and weave it in and out of the holes in order to hold the lantern together. Tie a piece of grass around it to add a nice effect. Criss-cross some jute cord at the bottom to hold in a votive candle. As an option you can add whatever greens you have growing in your garden. Place them in between the vellum and its overlay. (You don't have to worry about gluing or taping, simply slide the fresh greens in between the papers).

Display lanterns on your dining table, or, if your party is outside, place them along the walkway. When you light the candles up, you'll see how they brighten up the darkest night in your gorgeous garden. Garden lanterns are the perfect complement for a garden party or for your next entertaining extravaganza.