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Episode 425 - Garden Party
Garden Table
Bring the outdoors inside...
It's pouring rain outside. Why am I so happy? Well, the uncooperative weather is not going to put a damper on my garden party. If you want to host a garden party outdoors, go right ahead. But for me, it's all about creating a garden environment indoors.

It starts with a couple of accessories: a wrought iron table, and a large, umbrella to set beside it. Then, place some foldout chairs around the table. These black garden chairs can easily be brought in and out of someone's home in a moment's notice. Cover the table with a garden-themed table cover, such as our canvas one with a trellis look to it.

To create a cozy garden environment place every houseplant you own around the table. As well, go to your local greenhouse and pick up some potted mums and herbs. Transfer them into terracotta pots and place them around the living space to add to the garden look. Place a couple of pots of thyme on the centre of the table as a reminder that you always have time to be a good host.

How to take the terracotta and stretch it a bit further? Instead of using it for planting, why don't you and your guests eat off of it? Place large terracotta plates at each place setting, to serve as entree plates. Next, place soup plates down, using a complementary colour, such as garden green. The two colours look great together. Keeping with the terracotta, place tiny saucers down to rest drinks on. You can also place down a medium-sized saucer as a side dish for bread. For napkins, choose vibrantly coloured linen, such as green. For drinking glasses, use something like an old jam jar.

Don't forget to keep a look out for bugs! How about picking up some tiny accessory bugs at a craft store? Whether it's a charming little grasshopper, a praying mantis, or a happy little slug, they will look super if you place them on each guest's napkin or around the table for decoration.