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Episode 424 - Rhyme Time
Jack and Jill Beach Pail
Surf's up!
A classic nursery rhyme such as "Jack and Jill," can be great inspiration for a day of fun. Here's an idea for a two-fold project; an invitation to a day at the beach or a great gift for kids heading out for a day in the sun and surf.

Your foundation for this pail of fun is a galvanized bucket, readily available at any hardware store. As an option, you may wish to choose a nice, bright colour. Line the pail with some fabric, such as blue and white gingham.

To add a bit of height, place a generous scoop of sand inside. Then, add some colour with worn river rocks. They've probably been washing up on the beach somewhere in the world for centuries; now they'll be washing up in your pail.

In keeping with our beach theme, shells and other sea items are really important to add, especially if you're in a part of the world where shells don't just wash up on the beach. Place a selection of shells into a cellophane bag, tie it up with a tiny ribbon and place it in the bucket. While you're at it, why not add a few pet rocks? Take a couple of nice-sized rocks and re-affirm the theme by writing Jack and Jill's name on each of them with a metallic pen. Next, pack up some sand in a clear organza bag, tie it together with a nice blue ribbon and a tiny scoop. This will certainly come in handy when the kids start to build that humongous sandcastle.

Speaking of sandcastles, it is always fun to create different shapes on them. A great idea is to tie old cookie cutters to the pail's handle with complimentary ribbon. Flags are always a great final touch for your sandcastle. Detail each paper flag with "J & J" for Jack and Jill, and attach to small sticks of wood using white glue and some ribbon treatment. In case your castle building takes us into dusk, how about a couple of votive candles?

The last thing that goes into the pail is the crowning glory. As the rhyme tells us, Jack broke his crown, but you can replace it with one made out of construction paper. On one side of the crown, using a metallic pen, write out the words to the rhyme. On the other side, detail the instructions on what to do with the bucket and its ingredients. Place the crown right over top of the bucket.

When you hand this beach pail to your kids and send them out for a day at the beach, trust me, they won't be falling downhill. You may, however, find them falling onto the shoreline to create the best sandcastle ever. Oh, and don't forget to pack the sunscreen!