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Episode 423 - Safari
Large Palm Leaves
What a monster...
Stuck in the jungle with nothing to do? Why not start arranging some beautiful tropical greens. You can get them from your favourite florist. Most of these would be perfect under a plate, on a table or running down the centre of a buffet.

The monstera palm is known for its huge size. I love way the leaves look, and I think it would be perfect on a buffet station.

How about two colourful and related leaves? Cordilyne greens have a beautiful colour combination of pink and green, and the tiger stripes really work. Another nice green is a Podacarpus. Because of the shape of these leaves, they would look nice placed in single vases on a counter.

A large, meaty leaf is the Antherium. When selecting one of these beauties, make sure you look for its characteristic spotting. It would be super on its own in a vase, or perhaps in the bathroom. You can accessorize it with one very vibrant flower, which would be absolutely stunning.