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Episode 423 - Safari
Safari Table
Safari dining in style...
My imitation of Tarzan may leave a bit to be desired, but I figure the natives are restless when it comes to setting a Safari table. Grab your binoculars, you might want to see this!

Begin by placing a burlap runner on the table. Not only is burlap a very inexpensive fabric, but it also comes in a wide range of colours. You can use yellow, green, orange or red. However, for Safari I think taupe is the perfect colour for the table. Woven place mats also work well for each setting. Made of grass, they are also reversible, which is great when it comes to spillage. The look of the grass combined with the burlap is superb.

For china try using earth tones, such as sand coloured entree plates. Then, look for glassware with matching bowls. If you can find them, tortoise shell glasses and service pieces will really make your guests feel like they are indeed going on Safari.

For napkins, continue along the theme, using earth-toned linen. How to do my secret blow dart napkin fold? Fold napkin in half to form a triangle. Bring up the left side, bring up the right side, turn it over, then bring up the left and the right sides again. Turn your napkin over and secure with a napkin ring (if you can find them, glass, tortoise shell napkin rings would be perfect). Unfold the ends of the napkin, pulling them down. Et voilą! You will have a blow dart napkin.

Faux fur chair covers are the only way to go. Choose any Safari animal inspired fabric, from Leopard skin to Ocelot. This is a great way to change the look and are also inexpensive.

Added accessory pieces that you can look for are dipping bowls such as the orange, triangular-shaped ones that I used. As well, visit local handicraft stores, which often carry supplies from different countries. Look for items such as carved animals or beautiful statues from Africa and place them down on your Safari table as well.

For a centrepiece, fill a shallow glass bowl with some fresh sunflowers, and a few fresh artichokes. The texture and the colour really work.

Last detail for your table is a little touch of green. Gather together a handful of steel grass, and place the end of it into an incense burner. Arrange on the end of the table so that the grass is pointing inwards. If your table is short simply trim the grass down. In this way you can finish the table in grand style.