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Episode 421 - Aloha!
Nik 2 U
Aloha! and good luck...
A final word on your Hawaiian table: don't expect it to be "wiki kiki", which means "quick" in Hawaiian. This is going to take you some time, but it really is worth the effort. It is often said that you only go to Hawaii once in your life; well, I'm thinking I'll only want to do this dinner once in my life. So special, it will be a lasting memory for years to come.

Back in 1969, my mom did this kind of party for her friends. Well, I have to admit that that one party inspired me to make everyday entertaining. When you get ready to hang loose, don't forget to pack your Hawaiian shirts, and get everybody together for some luau wow! Surf's up at the Hawaiian table, and all I have to say is "Aloha!"

See you on the islands!