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Episode 421 - Aloha!
Give a colourful welcome...
Hawaiians have a wonderful custom whereby they greet their guests by exchanging beautiful, floral leis. When you plan your own luau, take the advice of Sarit Nagy, from San Remo Florist, and create your own flower necklaces.

Sarit suggests using orchids for your leis. There are many different types of orchids to choose from. However, if your budget is such that you cannot afford these somewhat costly exotic flowers, you can also use carnations. You'll see that they can have the same impact without the expense.

According to Sarit, people originally used a very durable steel grass to make leis. A little secret that Sarit wishes to share is that nowadays you can substitute household dental floss. Simply thread a needle through the end of the floss and then thread your orchids, back to back, pulling them along the floss. Hey, you can make a flower arrangement and clean your teeth at the same time!

Orchids are very deceptive, because you often think of them as being very delicate flowers, but they are actually quite durable. An orchid lei should last for about a week.

You may wish to consider additional small arrangements for the rest of your home. Tell your florist if you're planning a centrepiece or a small grouping for a guest bathroom. Getting all of your flowers from one source will bring consistency to your arrangements.

Special Thanks: Sarit Nagy, San Remo Florist, Toronto, ON (416) 652-1822 or (800) 567-6229