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Episode 419 - Sew What?
Spool Invitation
Cool spools...
Nik be nimble, Nik be quick, I've got a thimble, time for an invitation trick! When thinking about invitations for a sewing-related party, I realize that although I have never been to a quilting bee, nor have I sat down for an afternoon of embroidery or sewing, I sure love spools of thread. What could be better for a sewing party than a spool of thread invitation?

  • spools of thread (in any colour you fancy)
  • construction paper (again, any colour)
  • patterned paper (perhaps a quilt pattern)

Attach a long piece of construction paper to one of your spools. Print the details onto a nice piece of patterned paper, either by hand or with a laser printer. Roll the construction paper up around the spool as if it were the thread. Attach a ribbon to the end of the construction paper, creating a little bow.

I love doing handcrafted invitations like this, because when friends receive them, they always think they are so charming.