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Episode 417 - School Rules
Nik 2 U
All the best to a new chapter in your life...
Well, here are a few last thoughts on hosting and being a graduate. I have to tell you, I never thought I'd end up on television. Nor did I think I'd ever have so much fun after I got out of school. To all the students out there, my advice is to study hard, do your homework and listen to your parents. When it's all done, you will start living your life the way you want to. You never know, you might find yourself hosting a show about "How To Make Everyday Entertaining", on television. Anything could happen!

One thing I do know for sure is that my suggestions will help you graduate onto the next level of party host. When planning your graduation party I hope you take in a lot of praise and many, many cheers: for your first kitchen, your handy sandwiches, and your grad bash! All this plus a diploma? School definitely rules!