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Episode 416 - Brownie Points
Dessert Station
Line em up and eat em down...
A tribute to the colour brown allows my guests and I to what else, chocolate! When setting the foundation for an island or open-bar service in brown, consider the colour a palette in itself. You've got all of these different shades to work with. How about a dark, chocolate brown as an underliner married with taupes and milder browns? The choice is endless!

Setting up your dessert away from the dining room table adds a bit of variety to the evening. Your friends get to see another part of your home. And this theory works whether you've got an island or a standard kitchen. Hands up who hasn't been to a party that hasn't gravitated toward the kitchen?

For a dessert service, don't forget to include all of your favourite chocolate recipes: chocolate, chocolate-chip cookies, triple chocolate cookies, how about a chocolate mousse cake? Do I see chocolate mousse tarts? Butter tarts? Absolutely!

Now you may wish to offer a chocolate or cocoa liqueur. How about chocolate-flavoured treats? A generous helping of whipped cream is always welcome, as is a robust cup of coffee.

As a whole, delicious, from beginning to end!