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Episode 415 - Welcome to Nikonos
Greek Coffee
Can't forget the Java...
One of the true libations of Greece is actually not an alcoholic beverage; it's coffee. In order to produce authentic Greek cup of java, you need to both a coffeepot and a coffee grinder.

The beauty of using your own grinder is that you'll be sure that the coffee is fresh. You want the coffee to be ground to a very fine consistency, almost powder-like.

In order to make Greek coffee, use a small pot with a spout, available in almost any kitchenware store. Bring water and sugar to a boil, add a few tablespoons of coffee, and return this mixture to a boil. The result: a dark, murky coffee, with a wonderful aroma and flavour.

In Greece or Greek restaurants it's customary to have a fortune teller read your coffee grounds once you've finished. May good fortunes be yours!