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Episode 415 - Welcome to Nikonos
Greek Red Wine
A Greek classic...
I must confess that I'm a bit in awe of how many centuries they have been producing wonderful wines in Greece. When you're trying Greek red wine, I'd like you to look for a few different varieties of grapes just to get the sense of what the Greeks produce in the wine regions. A wine called Xynomavro produces a very full-bodied wine. The highest ranking, noblest of grapes are the Ayiorgitiko, which are produced in a region called Nemea. They result in a nice, spicy flavoured wine with an orange finish.

Red wine is just one of the many types of drinks produced in the Greece. It is really a matter of individual taste when it comes to pairing Greek libations with Greek cuisine. My suggestion: sample as many varieties as possible and see what you like best.