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Episode 415 - Welcome to Nikonos
Taverna Table
Welcome to Nikonos...
In my mind's eye, I'm seeing a far-off little island in the Mediterranean. A picturesque Greek Isle, can you guess what it might be? You've got it: Welcome to Nikonos! Four friends of mine are leaving for a trip to Greece so I'd like to plan a quiet little dinner and give them a preview of their exciting trip.

To make my guests feel as though they're in a Greek Taverna, I start off by placing a small table for four in my dining room area. I picked the table up at a tag sale, painted it a nice, vibrant blue colour on top and whitewashed the accompanying chairs. Then, I covered the table with a fish net that I picked up at a sporting goods store.

When entertaining in an ethnic theme I like to incorporate the colours of the country's flag. The Greek colours are blue and white, and that's the inspiration I use for dishware. How about large, vibrant blue plates and smaller blue and white side plates? The smaller side plate on top of the larger dinner plates creates a great look.

Next, I place down some turquoise linen napkins and my everyday silverware. Blue coloured wine glasses, glasses for after dinner liqueurs and coffee cups help to complete or Aegean look. Keep in mind that you don't have to make it a really big financial outlay if you're hosting a meal like this. You can make use of items you already have in your cupboard.

Next, you might want to incorporate some seafood elements. I usually place down a large, beautiful conch shell, a clay shell in the shape of a starfish, as well as some tiny round shells. To add to the look, I add a tiny starfish on top of each guest's liqueur glass, which gives the table a bit of star status!

A few added enhancements really contribute to the atmosphere. I place a small wax candle in the bottom of plain drinking glasses. They add a nice glow to the table when lit.

Finally, I add a hit of colour with a nice terracotta pot of geraniums, placed front and centre on the table. An additional accessory you may wish to consider using is a Greek amphora, a traditional vessel in which wine is stored.

This look comes together with little effort. The relaxed, yet enticing atmosphere of your own out-of-the-way Taverna awaits as you enjoy a taste of Greece.