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Episode 413 - Fun Do
Nik 2 U
What a great time...
Well, now you know how to spell "FUN". 'F' is for Frame up; 'U', for Unforgettable era; and, 'N' for Nice dip! F-U-Nů it's all Fun-Do!

Once the fondue pot had been placed on the burner, my guests grabbed their forks and started to dig in! They started dipping, and enjoying, and the conversation began to circle around this wonderful form of entertainment.

When taking on the task of being host to a fabulous fondue party, don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for tiny props that you can add into it. Try to embrace the theme completely, even if it takes you to silly places. The large, brownish-yellow framed glasses that I managed to pick up, were a huge hit.

Finally, a piece of trivia for you: Did you know that the cheese at the bottom of the fondue pot gets nice and crusty right at the end? Well, they say that the person who gets the largest piece of crusty cheese from the bottom will be blessed. Remember to impart that bit of information onto your guests at your next fondue party. If all goes as planned, I'm sure everybody will feel blessed anyway, just to be a part of all the fun!